Cybird Headquarters

Cybird Group
Corporate Interior
Tokyo, Japan

Located in the fashionable Daikanyama district of Tokyo, Cybird is an established mobile content management company. The 4,000 square foot main reception and conference space are arranged using an open plan, where a square red box is inserted in an angle within a rectangular floor plate to break up the static space.

An entrance lounge, reception, open meeting spaces and two other conference rooms makes up the space around the red box, which are finished with exposed ceiling, recycled unfinished timber floor and submerged in indoor plantings, creating a semi outdoor environment within a building. Conversely, the space within the red box is subdivided into three conference rooms and a large board room, fully finished with suspended ceiling, painted wall and carpeted floor. This creates a contrasting space that is dynamic and playful.

The boardroom features fold away benches along the two long walls which are partially covered in glass to be used as a white board for writing. The tables are custom designed using solid natural Japanese ash wood called Tamo. Each of the five conference rooms and the boardroom walls are painted in vibrant traditional Japanese colors with matching colored carpet.  The color palette is based on color therapy theory to create calming, productive and energetic spaces while giving distinct identity to each room, adding further excitement and playfulness into the project.

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