Diamond Beach Penthouse Apartment

Vacation Home
Hynan China

Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan island, where in recent years has become a popular tourist destination. Our client owns 11 towers residential buildings along the coast, and we are hired to design the interior of all the penthouses on the top two floors.

This resort is famous for their close to nature environment, we want to bring the “outdoor living” concept into this penthouse. One of the best ways to do the renovation within the site which has rich-natural context is to create spaces blended into the nature.

Throughout this penthouse apartment, flooring is honed finished natural limestone, stucco as the wall and ceiling material, and use teak wood for wood fins and furniture to create the modern look and nature friendly feeling.

Living room and main dining room south side sliding doors can be fully open, blended into the outdoor balcony spaces with outdoor living, pool and barbeque grill with a great ocean view.  Instead of using common lighting fixture, we designed center sculptural coved light in almost every room.

On the second-floor master bedroom and north side two junior bedrooms, each room has the outdoor bathroom, more like a small jungle garden, using tropical plants and wood fin panel located in angle to provide the privacy to the shower area, but at same time keep the view.

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