Guggenheim Museum Helsinki

Helsinki Finland

Helsinki’s south harbor is the heart of its daily life with markets, parks, and port all converging. Placing a branch of a world-renowned museum will enhance this dynamism. Our proposal creates an inclusionary facility that supports the local arts community and acts as a conduit to further social and cultural development. Visitors to Helsinki experience the city through street grids which intersect various plazas and waterfronts creating visual corridors. The museum is situated to respect these, particularly from Helsinki Cathedral, Tahititornin Vuori Park, and the south harbor.

The facility includes additional public program such as artist workshops, a library, and a children’s day camp to further grow the local arts community. A plaza, that flows in and out will serve as a gateway from the city and give local artists space to display their talents to a wider audience.

Market Square is the main entry to the city for visitors and the larger port area is prime for development as a marquee public space for the entire region. The plaza extends along the water to provide views and new zones for interaction while Tahititornin Vuori Park from the west is extended onto the site through new plantings on the southern edge.

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