Hello Kitty Smile

Entertainment Facility
Hyogo Japan

Located along the west shore of Awaji Island in Japan, Hello Kitty Smile is an evolution of Hello Kitty themed experience, offering a modern interpretation between daily lives and fantasy world through a sequence of stores, gallery, theater, restaurant and party spaces.

The main building is wrapped with 126 meters long, 2 stories high white arched GRC panels, enter from the main entrance, is the double story high entrance lobby with Anamorphic graphic of Hello Kitty on the wall, stairs and ceiling, creating a strong atmosphere and attract customers to take photos at certain spots and lead the traffic. Acrylic graphics panels hanging below the chandeliers whirling slowly all the time to add fun motions in the space.

Through a path along with Hello Kitty merchandise shelves and show cases, leading to the main gallery space. It is a open oval shape space with sculptures and big paintings, as well as a snap shot room filled with Hello Kitty staff and flower decoration on the wall, this room becomes the most popular space to take photos and upload to the social media.

Theatre is located on the second floor above the gallery, which you can also see from the exterior that a 7 meters high Hello Kitty sculpture head sitting on the second-floor balcony. You can immersive feel what Hello Kitty dreamed of in her mind by watching 3 short videos projected to the inside surface, which is 360 degree that allow you to fully immerse into the fantasy atmosphere.

Restaurant is arranged on the second floor it is a long arch space divided by the translucent patterned screen and crystal curtains. Through the irregular oval shape opening on the wall and ceiling, the scenery changed along with the moving steps, to ocean, sky and street. Hello Kitty pattern applied on the columns and wall adds cuteness and surprises.

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