Airport Duty Free Shop for Tobacco
Airports in Europe 

The use and sale of tobaccos in public areas are usually discouraged; however, tobacco is an important business at duty-free stores.

To effectively and to discreetly market the tobaccos at the airports, large wooden panels are constructed as both shelves and storefronts. Together, they become intimate shopping corridors, distinct product containers and product storage for each tobacco brands, as well as private enclosures for an all-exclusive tobacco browsing and shopping experience. Contrary to many regular stores which display its products in the direction of incoming customers, JTI flips its display to the inside, provoking both excitement and intrigue for both the product and the unique shopping experience. Countertop displays are cut in and set at below or above eye level to fully engage the customers. At the center of the enclosures are vertical glass displays of images of celebrities with cigarettes to provoke a nostalgic atmosphere, as well as full 360 degrees view of the products.

As for the inventory, a simple system utilizing gravity and air springs was placed in amongst the shelves.

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