Kanebo Cosmetics

Shampoo and hand cream packaging

Naive is a low end cosmetic and personal care product line developed for Kanebo in collaboration with Joe Eula, a renowned water color fashion illustrator. Using Eula’s illustration the bottle design was derived from extruding between two oval profiles, one at its base and another at its top.

Due to its target audience, the bottle uses an economical shrink wrap method to encapsulate the bottle with a preprinted plastic sheet. This method restricts the deviation of all horizontal circumferences to no more than 15% in order to avoid distortion of the graphic when the plastic wraps around the bottle.

The two oval profiles were optimized to minimize this deviation while maintaining attractive form that differentiates the product against other products on market.

The pocket size flat cylindrical case is a medicated hand cream and a subtle image of the cross is depicted on the lid.

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