Pasona Osaka Office

Corporate Office
Osaka Japan

When Pasona first opened its Osaka office along the Ginkgo tree lined Midosuji road, a passerby would mistakenly wander into the building looking for a lounge or a cozy hotel lobby. This was precisely the design intent for the interior of office lobby for Pasona Osaka, a Tokyo based Japanese recruitment company, Pasona Group.

Instead of an intimidating grand corporate entrance lobby, the design invites the public into a warm and intimate space where a friendly receptionist greets visitors and introduces them to the service Pasona offers. The lobby consists of public lounge and seating area, a cafeteria, a sports bar, an interactive projection gallery, and a grand spiral staircase leading to the main reception on the second floor.

Balustrade for the staircase features laser cut patterns of Ginkgo tree branches as a conceptual gesture of extending the street and bringing the public into the building. The same motif is repeated on the second floor balcony balustrade providing a blending back drop when viewing the building from across the street.

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