Toyota Home

Toyota Home is a division of Toyota Automobile for Prefabricated homes showcasing its expertise in the process of assembly-lines and innovative features translated for the home building market. Located in central Nagoya, the new space functions both as a lobby entrance to the company’s headquarters and as an evolving showroom for its product offerings.

The plan consists of a grid of eleven interconnected rooms each measuring 8 x 10 meters (26 x 33 feet). The central room functions as the main entrance lobby and the rooms to the right and the left of the lobby are dedicated to the Toyota Home showroom.

The overall concept of the project was to create a space that would lend itself to changing displays, as the offerings of Toyota Home evolve with new technologies and design trends. The common elements to all the spaces are a hot-rolled steel floor, white painted ceilings, recessed lighting a large glass-encased display cube at the center of the room, and a continuous wall-niche running at eye level (20″ high and 20″ deep / 500mm x 500mm). This niche can be used either to display objects or to exhibit clear panels printed with information and images, and they are easily changed over.

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