Triumph Pavilion

Temporary Installation
London England

Living within a dense urban center like Bethnal Green, residents find few chances in their daily lives to simply stop and stare up at the sky. Surrounded by several major roads, a rail line and several tall buildings the area is awash in activity and noise. Our pavilion is envisioned as a quiet contemplative space at the center of the park, where people can find a reprieve from the surrounding cacophony.

Three acrylic planes with a polished mirror surface are set in the grass encompassed by a copse of trees. When approached from the surrounding paths, the mirrored surfaces reflect the surrounding foliage, minimizing the presence of the pavilion and respecting the context. For visitors curious enough to enter the pavilion, the angled mirrors reflect the sky all around them.

Visitors can occupy the space and experience the subtle kaleidoscopic color changes and motions of the sky all around them.

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